Established in 1990, YI JU is a top of the line Korean wedding design brand.

Since the foundation, YI JU has established itself as a unique and very special brand and loved by brides from all over the world, and which helped YI JU achieve recognition and valued position in the industry, What has given the company a firm and solid position in the global market is its strong insist to pursuit desires and wishes of brides and realized them into elegant, trendy and unique designs and saved no expenses to study and adopt best of breed finest materials and served its brand to valued and selected customers, and which allowed YI JU to keep its value as a leading world brand.

Rather than complicated and luxurious style, pursuing exclusivity but based on purity and simplicity and adopting only top-listed refined accessories with the best skilled hand techniques to make every woman a very special bride is the YI JU’s pride and vision.

Whenever, wherever, if ever you have the opportunity to encounter and choose YI JU’s brand, I trust you will be aware of the fact that the brand is the fine work to which long time’s dedication, efforts and inspiration of the best designer are exerted and your choice is not just your selection of one item but rather a selection of the only work of art in the world just for your precious moment of time.